During the Libyan Clean Expo for Environment exhibition, aimed at highlighting the role of Libyan civil organizations in environmental awareness and sustainable solutions, the Libyan Wildlife Trust association stood out as a leader in conservation efforts. In partnership with the Ministry of Environment and the national coordinator of PPIOSCAN, the association used this platform to engage with the Scouts and Guides movement, one of the country’s most influential civil institutions in environmental engagement.

During the exhibition, members of the Libyan Wildlife Trust not only presented the content and message of the event but also highlighted their activities within the framework of PPIOSCAN 3 and their broader national initiatives. Emphasis on ecosystem conservation, restoration, and wildlife protection also sparked discussions on volunteering and community engagement. This session allowed the association to expand its community of volunteers in its forest ecosystem restoration activities.

One of the key projects highlighted by the association is the restoration of the Jodayem forest, a coastal ecosystem located east of Al-Zawiya and west of Tripoli. Covering a total area of 110 hectares, including 11 hectares of rocky terrain between the forest and the sea, the Jodayem forest has undergone rapid biodiversity deterioration due to various factors such as plastic waste accumulation, erosion, and lack of management plans.

In response to these threats, the association is making efforts to introduce a comprehensive system of planning, monitoring, and community management for the restoration and conservation of the Jodayem forest. By collaborating with local institutions, civil society organizations, and experts, the association aims to publish scientific evaluations of restoration initiatives, improve environmental governance, assess the current state of the forest, and restore 45 hectares of forest through planting and restoration activities.

Their participation in the national Libya Clean Expo for Environment exhibition underscores the organization’s commitment to environmental conservation and its proactive approach to addressing pressing environmental challenges in Libya. By involving stakeholders and mobilizing resources, it demonstrates the crucial importance of community collaboration in preserving and protecting the environment for future generations.