Last month, the 11 Libyan, Moroccan and Tunisian historical organisations of the PPI OSCAN 3 brought together the local population and all the partners of their project to launch their implementation.

@Les Amis du Capte Tunisia

For 9 years, the PPI OSCAN has supported civil society organisations as independent actors on the ground and experts in local needs, to improve the living conditions of local populations, while strengthening local mechanisms for governance and management of natural areas. These organisations called the historical ones, were selected as a continuity of their project carried out during the second phase of the program PPI OSCAN 2018-2021. The new fund received from the third phase of PPI OSCAN 2021-2024 aims to reinforce the achievements and consolidate their results on the ground. The 11 projects receive a grant of between 40-60,000 euros to implement field activities related to the conservation of marine protected areas, sustainable agricultural and fisheries practices, the conservation and monitoring of endangered species, or environmental education.

In parallel with the implementation of its project, each organisation will get training specific to its needs and project, increasing its independence and ability to mobilize additional funds from other donors. Besides, by joining the PPI OSCAN they become part of a network of practitioners from their region or who are working on the same issue. Through exchanging best practices between peers and increasing their membership, they catalyze their efforts to protect nature and contribute to national environmental conservation policies.

The third phase of the Programme of Small Initiatives for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa (PPI-OSCAN3), is funded by the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the MAVA Foundation, and the Foundation Sigrid Rausing Trust. This Programme aims to strengthen civil society in North Africa by supporting emerging associations wishing to tackle the new challenges of environment and sustainable development through innovative initiatives in the region. To know more about PPI OSCAN 3 projects: Projects – MUBADARAT (