An Ambitious Project to Preserve the Coastal Ecosystem of Zuwara.

An innovative project is taking shape within the administrative boundaries of the city of Zuwara, Libya, aiming to preserve over 56 hectares of coastal saline wetlands, a vital habitat for resident and migratory birds.
This project is implemented by the organization ‘Idama for Nature Conservation’, established in 2022. Spanning 10 hectares strategically bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the coastal road, the port of Zuwara, and private properties, their project aligns with a broader vision of preserving natural resources while respecting historical salt and limestone extraction practices rooted in Amazigh identity.

Collaboration with local partners aims to halt encroachments on the ecosystem, raise awareness, legally demarcate boundaries, and leverage external expertise for the development of production, collection, and storage infrastructure. In harmony with national priorities for protecting environmental systems, the project aligns with United Nations commitments to ecosystem restoration, emphasizing the preservation of wetlands.
Beyond conservation goals, the project addresses challenges related to salt extraction, aiming to improve production efficiency, reduce salt losses, and promote environmentally friendly practices. The project emerges as a bulwark against the adverse effects of urban expansion, promoting a crucial balance between economic development and the preservation of Zuwara’s unique coastal ecosystem.