The Marine Biology Society in Libya Promotes the Conservation of Wetlands for a Sustainable Future.

Founded in 2020, the Marine Biology Society in Libya plays a crucial role in the in-depth study of marine life in Libyan waters and raising awareness about endangered species. Focusing its efforts in the northeastern region of Libya, home to over 50 wetland sites, the association addresses the lack of knowledge regarding these vital ecosystems. Its PPI OSCAN project targets specific areas such as Lake Um Hafayyan and Lake Um Al-Qurami, assessing environmental challenges and creating a database accessible to all stakeholders.

The analysis of results aims to raise awareness among stakeholders about the importance of preserving these crucial wetlands, emphasizing their strategic role in coastal protection, improving water quality, and contributing to biodiversity. The biodiversity database and atlas will serve as permanent sources of knowledge, benefiting enthusiasts, researchers, and the local community, while providing crucial data for formulating appropriate conservation policies.