Conserving the biodiversity of Sebkha Soliman by restoring vegetation on the coastal dunes badly affected by erosion

Through the REVLISS project, AEDS works to restore vegetation on the eroded dunes of the Sebkha Soliman site, in Tunisia’s Nabeul Governorate. Using beach grasses, the association aims to restore vegetation and secure coastal dunes against wind erosion. The scope of REVLISS aims to be as wide as possible. Therefore, several actors are directly or indirectly involved in the project’s goals, particularly the APAL, General Directorate of Forests, Soliman Municipality, Borj Cedria Technopole Research Centre and, more broadly, local civil society and schools. For a year, the stakeholders benefited from awareness-raising workshops organized by the association and were involved in establishing the beach grasses, including choosing the cuttings, greenhouse staging, and developing and planting the area of intervention.

Project video: TCP03_Revliss


Association website: AEDS Soliman