Wild Connection: Species conservation by analyzing the impacts of road traffic on wild fauna between three wetlands of major ecological importance and raising awareness of fauna conservation through preventive measures.


The Wild Connection project studies the road mortality of wild fauna, still a seldom studied phenomenon in Tunisia, near three wetlands in the Nefza region. 26 field visits recorded 234 animal victims of traffic accidents in 6 months. Using those records, the association has been able to identify the most problematic areas in order to provide tailored solutions and increase local signage and awareness-raising. To extend the project’s scope, the ATVS has also developed the Wild Connection mobile app enabling any user to report a traffic accident in the country.

Project video: TCP05_wild connection

Contact: assoctunisiennedelaviesauvage@gmail.com

Association website: https://www.facebook.com/ATVSTUNISIE/