Contributing to protecting marine natural resources and launching the blue economy in Al Hoceima National Park.

Al Hoceima National Park is the largest protected area on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast and includes a marine zone recognized as a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance (‘SPAMI’) by Decree 2.04.781 of 8 October 2004. Although illegal, aqualung fishing and the use of toxic substances or explosives continue in the park’s waters, and measures against these harmful practices remain weak. To halt the decline in fish stocks and increase in human pressures, the project aims to implement practical biodiversity conservation and restoration measures, and to improve the sustainable management of natural resources for the population. To do this, the association is working to restore marine habitats using artificial structures in hanging baskets. The project will include diver training workshops for monitoring the fauna’s condition and habitats, and the launch of a specific protocol on invasive and endangered species.


Project video: PPIOSCAN3AMPESA


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