The PPI OSCAN is not only a program for financing conservation projects for biodiversity, on the contrary, its particularity lies in its strategy of supporting young civil society organizations (CSOs) to professionalize in their environment.

These young organizations often created one or two years before access to the PPI OSCAN funding, generally lack the resources and hindsight to establish their sustainability, and need additional support to consolidate their organizational and institutional structure and support their growth over time.

Throughout the implementation of the programme, the members of these organisations benefit from substantial support for the development of their operational and organizational capacities, which will strengthen their effectiveness, the sustainability of their interventions and the scaling up of their achievements.

In this context, the young Libyan organizations of the PPI OSCAN 3 participated on 19 and 20 May in a training aimed at optimizing the implementation of their projects and facilitating the procedures of technical and financial follow-up. During these two days, the national coordinators of Morocco and Libya trained the organizations on aspects of accounting and financial management, information management, technical and financial reporting, governance and human resources management, etc.

For Libyan organizations coming from different parts of the country, this event is also one of the few opportunities to exchange and establish synergies in their work for nature conservation. As the majority of participants were under 35 years old, they were able to create their own information-sharing platform for the rest of the program.

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