The Cirta Association for Alternative Culture (ACCA), founded in 2017 in El Kef in Tunisia, has a mission to promote the arts and culture as catalysts for change and local development. Their commitment is to enrich the region’s cultural life and contribute to its flourishing.

Through their “GREEN WIN” project, the association aims to rejuvenate an abandoned urban park in the heart of Kef city , once a cherished relaxation spot. The park, fondly named “La Grotte,” has endured decades of neglect. The initiative seeks to transform it into an urban forest by reintroducing plant species and launching projects focused on environmental awareness. Moreover, the project provides nature-based economic opportunities for the region’s youth.

Among the challenges the park faces are uncontrolled grazing and waste management, issues the association aims to address by restoring the vegetation cover and installing trash bins. Additionally, they plan to create a mural that celebrates nature, adding an artistic dimension to their restoration and environmental awareness efforts.

The association’s ultimate goal is to preserve this natural haven in the heart of Kef’s city center. They aspire to reestablish the balance between the wildlife and flora that once thrived in the park, all while injecting a fresh cultural dynamism through the creation of an on-site water museum. The project also intends to educate citizens on environmental matters by setting up a botanical garden and organizing park tours and activities.

Overall, the project contributes to an improved quality of life, job creation, local tourism development, and enhanced economic autonomy. Furthermore, it fosters a culture of nature preservation and has a lasting impact on the local community’s environmental consciousness.

This project is implemented within the scope of the third phase of the Small Initiatives Program for Civil Society Organizations (PPI OSCAN) in North Africa. It is funded by the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), the MAVA Foundation, and the Sigrid Rausing Trust Foundation. The subsidized projects aim at the preservation of species and ecosystems boasting remarkable biodiversity, as well as the promotion of the benefits of conservation and sustainable livelihoods. 

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