A Visionary Project to Safeguard Tamazawa, Wadi Al-Shat.

Founded in 2021, “Al Khail for Development and Community Partnership” has undertaken the mission of training, supporting capacities, and developing sustainable skills to preserve the natural heritage of the region. Their PPI OSCAN project focuses on the conservation of the natural area of Tamazawa, Wadi Al-Shat, a valley located 750 km from Tripoli. This region harbors a diversity of ecosystems, including forested, agricultural, and desert areas. These natural resources, crucial for the livelihoods and sustenance of the local population, are unfortunately declining due to overexploitation, prolonged periods of drought, and a lack of government management and planning. Faced with this reality, the association is committed through the PPI OSCAN project to mitigate environmental degradation while creating employment opportunities, especially for the local youth.

To ensure its sustainable success, the association emphasizes increased awareness, strengthened governmental coordination, and alignment of their actions with national priorities. The project also collaborates with local partners to establish a database on biodiversity and ecosystem health. The collected information will facilitate environmental awareness and be accessible to researchers, educators, decision-makers, and the general public.